Antispur Duo Forte
Take the first step in the fight against heel pain!

Antispur Duo Forte is an innovative set, which works on two levels to fight the painful effects of heel spurs. The combination of a specially shaped insole and the regenerating cream minimizes heel pain after a few days of use! The insole helps maintain correct position of the longitudinal arch of your foot, which reduces discomfort when walking. The set may be used by everyone – a smart insole adjusts to the shape of the foot, and the cream is suitable for all skin types.

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Antispur Duo Forte

Antispur Duo Forte

The set consists of two complementary elements: Antispur Duo Forte insole and Cream Duo Forte. The insole is made of soft silicone that adjusts to the shape of your foot, does not irritate sore areas and even protects them from the effects of stronger pressure during walking. The insole has been developed to cushion the foot while walking on hard ground and minimize microshocks that contribute to worsening the inflammation. Cream Duo Forte nourishes dry skin in the areas affected by the disease, softens the epidermis and facilitates the regeneration processes.

To achieve full effectiveness of the treatment, the two elements of the set should be used simultaneously. First apply Cream Duo Forte on dry, clean skin, massaging it into the skin. When the cream is absorbed, use the Antispur Duo Forte insole. The set can be used for both day and night.


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Ingredients of Cream Duo Forte


It softens calluses, prevents dry skin, provides long-lasting hydration of the skin.

Vitamin A and E

They moisturise and nourish the damaged skin, their combination significantly accelerates the regeneration process even of deeper skin layers.


Provitamin B5; it alleviates the effects of inflammation you feel on the skin and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.


If you feel pain accompanying each step, try the Antispur Duo Forte set – the only such combination of powerful tools in the fight against spur heel!

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